Using Smart Design to Improve Your E-Commerce Store

In the next few blog post, we’re going to uncover some of the best ways to optimize your e-commerce store for checkout. A checkout flow might seem obvious to you, but it’s likely harming your revenue more than you realize. 

Anytime I consult on optimizing an e-commerce store, I ask the contact person these 3 questions…

1) What problem are you trying to solve? Most of the time, the answer is pretty simple. People are always hoping to decrease abandon cart, increase sales conversion rates or maybe solicit email list registrants. Whatever the problem you’re trying to solve – make sure it’s clearly defined because it’s crucial for the next step.

2) Is there data to PROVE this problem exists? We live in a day in age that allows us to track every click, scroll and engagement on our websites. If you can’t provide data that prove this problem exists – go back to step one and make sure you’re able to PROVE this problem exists. 

If you have the data to prove the problem – give yourself a pat on the back. Now take a few minutes to hypothesize what might improve the solution. Take time to think about the less obvious things; button position and color, call-to-actions, and the sequence of which things are displayed. These are all easy things to a/b test

**It’s also important to compare your stats with other players in the industry. You might be trying to optimize an already optimized figure**

3) What does success look like to you? You’ve already provided the analytics that prove what problem exists, now define a scenario in which you have “solved” the problem. It’s important to be realistic with your goals here. No one is going to increase conversion by 33% and you should know that a 3-8% improvement is a win. 

Later this week, we’ll be going through more scenarios of improving your store’s performance in more focused segments. These 3 questions will be acting as the groundwork 

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