Bringing AR to E-Commerce

Apple recently announced iOS 12 at their developer conference. Along with with a handful of incremental updates, there was a big emphasis on their new AR Kit.

With technologies biggest mover putting skin in the AR game, we’ll begin to see more and more AR in our daily lives and eventually trickle into shopping experiences. Shopify also announced that they will bring Apple’s latest AR tech to their platform and give stores new opportunities to implement AR to their products.

What Does AR Mean for My Website Design?

AR offers a shopping experience that a series of photos could never offer. It allows users to engage with your products without ever leaving their house. It will become essential to showcase your products like this, front and center, to offer a cutting edge shopping experience.

Compiling 3d images is a task that Shopify is diligently and iteratively solving. There will be a large upfront challenge to capture these renderings of existing products, but it will be critical for future-proofing your shopping experience. These is the largest hurdle retailers currently face in the AR world from a resources standpoint.

Bringing AR to Mobile

Shopify is doing their best to bring their AR feature set to mobile internet browsing experiences, but they’re not quite there yet. The best option is to still bringing AR to a native application.

If you’re interested in turning your Shopify store into a native app with an AR shopping experience, feel free to grab a time to chat about it with us.

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