Mobile Commerce Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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2019 isn’t waiting for anyone, so the time is now to start planning for your store’s best year to date.

We’ve been keeping our ear to the ground and here are some of the top trends we expect to grow in mobile commerce.

1) Omni-Channel Experiences

98% of shoppers switch devices throughout their day. It’s critical that your customers experience a consistent shopping flow across all of your platforms; website, Facebook, Instagram, mobile app, emails and the list goes on…

2) One-Click Checkouts

We’re all being trained by the Amazon Standard of shopping. We expect items in 2 days, to read helpful buyer reviews and most importantly – to checkout in a hurry.

It’s critical to reward your loyal shoppers by allowing them to check out in as few clicks as possible, remember their preferred shipping info and payment options. There’s a reason that Amazon’s mobile app is their largest channel. Launch your app in 2019 and increase returning customers.

3) Expect to See More Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of convenience shopping. As the technology gains accuracy, the more we’ll be using it to modal furniture in our houses, clothes in our outfits and shoes on our feet.

There’s a few apps out there from large brands like Ikea and Warby Parker that take advantage of this burgeoning area. As more developers figure it out, expect to see it trickle down to more SMBs