E-Commerce is Growing, but Mobile Commerce is Growing Fastest

mobile commerce

By the end of 2019, it’s expected that over 40% of e-commerce will be generated from a mobile device. This segment of sales is the quickest growing segment and it is expected to grow 13% year over year through 2021.

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We all know that more and more users are shopping more frequently on their phones, but most small and medium e-tailers aren’t changing how they sell to compensate for this growing demographic.

Shopify and BigCommerce do a fantastic job at making sites reactive to mobile, but it’s really the bare minimum in 2019. Open rates have a 71% open rate, which is staggering when compared to e-commerce open rates of 15.66%

open rates

Amazon has trained us to making shopping easy with two-click checkouts and near instant checkouts from Apple Pay & Google Pay. Mobile wallet transactions in the US account for 55 million shoppers and over $49.3 billion of revenue. That’s a nearly $50 billion market that your responsive website isn’t taking advantage of.

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At Sandbox Commerce, we like to look at mobile apps as the equivalent of websites in the early 2000’s. Most retailers couldn’t justify the cost of developing their own websites and the ones who did went on to rule their space.

Websites like Squarespace and Wix revolutionized how people made websites and made it a justifiable cost. Sandbox Commerce is hoping to follow in the footsteps of giants and make mobile apps available to every online retailer. Try your first free 7 days for free today.

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