You Don’t Need a 6-figure Budget for an Awesome Mobile App

You Dont Need a 6-figure Budget for an Awesome Mobile App! (1)

Mobile, mobile, mobile. Everywhere you go, people are glued to their mobile devices. You’re probably reading this on a mobile device.

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If you run an e-commerce business, you know the appeal of convenience for your customers to buy their favorite products online. Technology has revolutionized the buying experience. Laps up and down store aisles are replaced by scrolls and swipes, and let’s not forget the tantalizing appeal of ‘instant checkout’. 

So, what’s holding you back from launching your own app?

It’s expensive! Right? Well…sometimes.

If you spent a ton, you’d expect high quality, but do you HAVE to spend a ton to get it?

Let’s first talk a bit about some key features that make great mobile commerce apps.

1) Ease of use:

No-brainer here. In the digital age, people have little patience for fumbling around with a clunky app. 

2) Personalization:

The ability to capture user data (‘Sign in with your Facebook account’) enables targeted, meaningful connections with your customers.

Mobile customers don’t have the time or desire to enter tons of data.

3) Flash Sales & Discounts:

This is typically the main incentive for a customer to download a dedicated app for your store.

4) Fast & Secure Checkout:

Customers want the peace of mind that their data is safe

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These of course, are only a few examples. You are missing out on the opportunity to engage with your most loyal customers, and make more money by leveraging mobile commerce.

So, where does Sandbox Commerce come into play? 

We connect with your existing Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or 3d Cart store, and create an engaging, intuitive, powerful, mobile commerce app.

WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK!  < Sandbox Commerce Pricing > 

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Build Your App!

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