Push Notification Tips for Mobile Commerce

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One of the key advantages of a mobile app for your e-commerce store, is the ability to connect with your customers on a more personal, direct level. Push notifications are a powerful tool to get customers’ attention, but there’s a limit. By this I mean that you have to be strategic with the content and frequency of them, so as not to annoy customers, and drive them away.


If you use apps on your mobile device, you’ve certainly seen them. Amazon Prime uses them very effectively. 

Push notifications do not require a particular application to be open on a device for the message to be received by the end user, so a smartphone user can see notifications even when their phone is locked, or an app is not running.

The end user must opt-in to receive push notifications from a given application. An application usually makes the opt-in request on its initial installation, and the user may always grant or revoke consent for notifications at any time.

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Because people can disable push notifications, it is crucial to offer benefits for keeping them enabled. For example, ride sharing apps have high opt-in rates because users want to receive notifications about driver locations, special deals, and more. Social media apps as well as apps that provide news content have lower opt-in rates.

Here are some ways to increase sales on your mobile commerce app.

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Step 1 : Your Customers Need to ‘Opt-In’. 

The most effective way is to show them the value in allowing you to send them notifications. Let them know that as soon as they opt-in, they will be receiving offers and discounts directly to them that no one else gets. No one likes to pass up “free money”. Once you have them opted in, deliver.

Notify Customers About Limited Time Sales

As you promised, send subscribers push notifications for sales and discounts. To inspire more immediate action, make them time sensitive. You can create “flash sales” that last a day and send your subscribers a code and a link directly back to your site so they can use it right away. Include a countdown in your push notification to add a sense of urgency. If you can, make them visual with a little graphic or photos of items as they are more likely to get higher engagement rates. Remind potential customers what’s waiting for them at your site and make sure your notifications are like “gifts” and not annoying updates with little value.

Announce new products with push notifications:

Even your most loyal customers may not actively visit the app often enough to keep up with every new product that is released. This is another way that push notifications add value, without coming across as overly-intrusive. As a “thank you” to your customers who download your app, you can even announce new products to them, before anyone else. It’s another way to add a touch of exclusivity to app users, thus creating the incentive to not only download and use your app, but also keep it on their phone. 

Mobile devices are a huge part of our everyday lives, and you should think of screen space as real estate. People download apps that offer entertainment, valuable information, and value. Make sure you provide compelling reasons for your customers to download your app, and make them glad they did!

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