Introducing Sandbox Social – Integrating Instagram with Your E-Commerce

Sandbox Social – shop straight from your brand’s beautiful Instagram feed.

“Doing it for the ‘gram” now has one more meaning with the introduction of Sandbox Social on the Sandbox Commerce platform.

This is a feature that the team has been perfecting for the last few weeks, focusing on the importance of visual stimulation in the purchasing process as shoppers interact and engage with brand- and user-generated content. I previously shared my thoughts about the importance of multiple ways to engage customers online, and integrating shoppable content is now on this list.

What is Sandbox Social aka Shoppable Instagram?

If your’e coming to this post and wondering what “shoppable Instagram” is and what it could mean for your brand and sales, I’m glad you’re here. You may already be familiar with Sandbox Commerce for our no-code app solution, which is designed to increase the lifetime value of customers by helping brands engage with customers who have already bought in by encouraging them to download the app for special offers and the latest news.

Sandbox Social is different; we are targeting people who shop with their eyes first. You know: the scrollers, the double-tap and leave a comment, and share-in-Stories buyers. Instagram as a social channel has a specific aesthetic that makes content really pop: clear, colorful imagery laid out thoughtfully not only within the individual image but as a whole grid of pictures. Brands like Revolve and XX not only invest in their own product images but also integrate content from their most loyal followers whose style mirrors the brand. Shoppers are able to see not only the most idealized snaps but also the real life ways that buyers style the products.

How Sandbox Social Works

Now that you’re sold on the concept of using your best Instagram pictures to capture the attention – and buying power- of the scrolling window shoppers, let’s talk about Sandbox Social in action.

How do I integrate Sandbox Social?

Like the Sandbox Commerce app builder, Sandbox Social integrates with the leading e-commerce platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce and 3D Cart for ease of use. Once you sign up for Sandbox Social, the platform makes it simple to tag the content you want to become shoppable. As you post and tag content to your Instagram, Sandbox Social syncs to your e-commerce partner to tag each image as available for purchase.

Not only are you able to feature your best Instagram content on your mobile or desktop website, you can also spotlight the same or different pics for your newsletter or mobile app (which you’ve already built with Sandbox Commerce, right?).

How do I track use of Sandbox Social?

Data is key to understanding how the work you do is bringing in and keeping customers active and engaged. Sandbox Social delivers usage stats to your account’s home page, giving you the ability to see in real-time how shoppers are engaging with both Sandbox Social and your Sandbox Commerce native mobile app.

Get Started with Sandbox Social

Now is as good a time as any to launch your shoppable social feature for e-commerce. Log in if you are an existing Sandbox Commerce customer or create an account to get started on integrating Sandbox Social with your e-commerce platform. Want to see Sandbox Social in action: Book a demo.

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