Founder Notes – July 2020

What an interesting time to be in the business of customer service. It appears as though our increased physical distancing as we shelter at home won’t be changing anytime soon, as reflected by restrictions and recommendations are being re-engaged in various states.

As I’m advising Sandbox Commerce users on trying to find a new normal while still attracting traffic to their business, states are adjusting to rising case numbers by encouraging essential travel only. Curbside pickup has risen in both popularity and necessity to keep buyers and sellers safe. There are still learning curves but I’m happy to see Sandbox Commerce customers use the platform in innovative ways.

You may not know this but my background is in coding. In order to keep the wheels greased and turning, I find new projects regularly. Most recently, I created a personal site: The creativity of building this micro-site gives me inspiration for new features on Sandbox Commerce.

Between March and April 2020, ecommerce sales rose 25 percent – and the numbers continue to rise. Shopify increased their year-over-year first quarter revenue in 2020 by 47 percent. Americans may be cautious about going outdoors but they’re still shopping for essentials and some nice-to-have items, especially to support small and medium businesses.

I enjoy having conversations about the state of ecommerce, and I shared some thoughts on ecommerce and native apps in recent interviews with Commerce Tea and Silicon Hills News. Hard work pays off, and I appreciateĀ Forbes for including me in “Rising Startups to Watch with Diverse Founders.”

In July, I’ll be focused connecting with the companies who are implementing strategic solutions like curbside pick up and creatively driving loyalty for their brands. If you are one of those business owners, be sure to drop me a line or connect on social media: Twitter or LinkedIn.

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