Streamlined No-Code App Building: Sandbox Commerce Updates

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No-code app and low-code app development, as a revolution in coding, have given rise to a number of digital solutions that changed the world because you no longer have to be a developer to build your own branded solution. Ease of use is part of what excites Sandbox Commerce users, and as a development team, we want to make sure that we’re always thinking through what “ease” means. 

This spring, we came up with multiple ways to make the user end of the platform even better. Below, Head of Operations Alec Boyd takes Sandbox Commerce app builders through the changes that shift their experience by reducing the number of clicks and drags needed to launch and update their app. 

Sandbox Commerce Back-End Updates

“The biggest, and also the most subtle, change is eliminating ‘menu diving,’ or the number of touches needed to find the functionality you want,” Boyd explained. 

When users log in, the interface layout is organized into left and right modals, which will shift based on what’s being edited.


Sandbox Commerce no-code app platform branding

In the branding section, you’ll find the details you can change in the left modal (store name and branding elements) and the theme settings (colors, typography) on the right. Up top, you can toggle to make changes to your splash page. 


Sandbox Commerce no-code app platform Builder

When you shift the Builder function, you’ll see the current version of your app in the middle as it looks with the edits you’re making. On the left modal, you’ll see various widgets and to the right options within that widget. You can also shift from home page view to category view and make adjustments in how your merchandise appears within the app and add and remove pieces, all from the same screen as opposed to moving between multiple pages. Sandbox Commerce designers also updated the way users get a real-time look at the app as they make changes. 

“We made it work sharper and faster,” Boyd noted. Any user edits are auto-saved as they move within the app builder, but not pushed to their customers until they log out. 

Push Notifications

Sandbox Commerce no-code app platform push notifications

Creating and personalizing app push notifications is now easier, which allows you to be more creative in engaging with your customers. You can set up a queue of notifications around triggers like sales and track how well they did within analytics. 


Sandbox Commerce no-code app  platform analytics

Analytics, a key differentiator that helps Sandbox Commerce users make connections between their customers and how they’re engaging with the brand, can be segmented more easily from within the platform. Track your downloads, revenue, daily sessions and see what’s trending in search and products and then easily use these categories to build a target list of users for email and notifications. 

Much like our customers, the team at Sandbox Commerce is providing a solution that users can make their own. The thoughtfulness of the latest UI changes is part of our work in never being satisfied with the standard and always searching for better. 

“We wanted a superior user experience, to make all of the configurations of customizing a mobile app as accessible as possible,” Boyd added.

If you’re in the market for the best no-code app solution that can help you create more loyalty with your followers and customers, we’re ready to help. Start your 7-day free trail, or contact us for additional information. 

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