Turn Your Shopify Store Into A Mobile App

Almost everything you need to know to create a bespoke mobile app from your Shopify store.

Almost Everything You Need To Know To Transform Your Shopify Store Into A Mobile App

024-ecommerce-1It’s no secret that more and more sales are occurring on mobile. In 2018, it is expected that 66% of shoppers in the United States will complete their purchase on a mobile app.

At the same time, Shopify is empowering retailers and brands of all shapes and sizes to conveniently operate online stores. Shopify does a fantastic job at creating a response web checkout for their stores, but inherently lacks the rich features that native iOS and Android apps can provide.

It makes sense for a store or brand that is interested in customer engagement to consider launching an app. We’ll now take a dive into why you should consider launching an app and the different routes that get you into the app store.


How Did Apps Become the Largest Mobile Revenue Channel?

It’s expected that the US will see $118 billion in mobile app purchases in 2018.031-growth-1 The largest and smartest brands in the world are finding ingenious ways to make mobile shopping more experiential and engaging to their customers.

Combining a great shopping experience with the convenience of two-click checkout and browsing anywhere in the world, it becomes more and more obvious why customers are adopting this method of transacting.


Turning My Shopify Store into a Mobile App


In the past, there was a reason you rarely saw small and medium brands with their own iOS app… cost.

Traditionally, a retailer would commission an agency to develop a completely custom app from the ground up. This includes a sizable investment and some lengthy conversations on what features needed to be included, outlining the checkout flow, and user experience.

magicGoing the agency route is still a great option for merchants who are insistent on having complete ownership and are established enough to justify the heftier upfront cost.

Our day one goal at Sandbox Commerce was to empower Shopify users to easily customize and launch apps that felt like a natural extension of their brand. It’s taken many iterations over time, but we’re really proud of the platform we’ve created.

Registering is as easy as entering your Shopify URL and granting us standard Shopify App permissions. From there you can easily upload your logos, drag-and-drop collections and completely customize your app in a few minutes. Our Customer Success is always happy to schedule a free 30-minute conversation to answer any questions you might have about the platform.

Engaging with Your Customers

Using push notifications is one of the greatest ways to engage with your customers. Our retailers see an average of a 70% open rate for notifications they send out. You can target users to let them know about a pop-up shop you’re having or let them be the first to know about special promos or new collection announcements.


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