Black Friday is just around the corner, and as a retailer you know that this is the time to start kicking it into high gear. You probably wont be surprised to learn that mobile sales are expected to be be a huge part of Black Friday this year, so if you are a mobile retailer…be prepared! Being mobile already gives you a leg up, because most customers would rather stay home on their phone or laptop than battle the in-store crowds. This gives you the chance to launch campaigns that catch the eye of new users, which paired with a compelling mobile experience, can help build relationships with new users which will increase sales way beyond the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

Start Your User Acquisition Campaigns Now

Its the perfect time to start your user acquisition campaigns, because we’re still in the sweet spot between summer and holiday season. Potential users have not yet been inundated with holiday campaigns, so it’ll be easier to catch their attention and start building a relationship now.

Create ad campaigns around the special perks available exclusively on your app, and use these campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. These campaigns should be targeted at current customers who don’t yet have the app, or potential new customers.

Make Sure Your Onboarding Process is Intuitive

With the influx of new customers that Black Friday and Cyber Monday will bring, you should be sure that your on-boarding process is intuitive and glitch-free. This is the perfect opportunity to gain a lot of new customers, and you don’t want to miss out on this because of a poor design choice. It pays to analyze the flow that leads to long-term use and high user engagement, and direct your new customers to these features.

Make Sure Checkout is Easy On Your App

You want customers to be able to use your app to shop and checkout as easily and seamlessly as they would in store (if not more). This means that checkout on your app should be as simple as possible. Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Allow for a guest checkout in order to mitigate the steps needed to complete the process.
  2. Integrate a mobile wallet solution to make payment easy.
  3. make sure theres a simple way to apply promo codes and discounts.

Having a clean, simple flow through your app can make all the difference. People are lazy, so if there are too many steps between downloading the app and making a purchase, many customers will abandon the effort all together. So by minimizing the effort needed to get through checkout, you will maximize the number of purchases.

Engagement is key!

Acquisition is not just about getting people to download you app, you want them to actually use it once they have it! With Black Friday coming up, it is vitally important to engage users frequently and remind them of deals and offers they can receive on your app…don’t let them forget about you before Black Friday rolls around.

Engagement doesn’t mean just email and push notifications. While these can be very effective, as the data (above) shows push notifications can often be annoying and distracting, and according to Mailchimp¬†only around 17% of e-commerce emails are opened. The best method is to divide your engagement efforts between push notifications, email campaigns, loyalty programs and retargeting ads. This will ensure that your customers are never too annoyed, but are still aware of your existence.

In Conclusion

Holiday season is always a crazy, but great opportunity for retailers to gain more loyal customers.  With the birth of mobile commerce, this season can be a whole lot less crazy for shoppers and hold a host of new opportunity for retailers with a mobile app. In order to fully capitalize on this opportunity, start testing and getting to know your customers now, so that by the time holiday season rolls around you have your marketing strategies and user flow set. And remember the holiday season is very competitive, so user engagement and retention should be high on your priority list.



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