5 Facts About Omni-channel Shopping That You Need to Know

5/10/19 3:04 PM / by Alec Boyd

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1) 98% of Americans Switch Between Devices in a Day (Google Research)

98% (!!!) of users switch devices throughout the day. It seems slightly obvious but let it sink in that only 2% of your users do not switch devices. Is your store ready to sell on all types of devices?

2) 71% of shoppers agree that it is important or very important to be able to view inventory information for in-store products. (Forrester

Amazon can send you anything in 2-days, but sometimes that isn't fast enough! It is essential for brick-and-mortar retailers to seamlessly blend the online and instore shopping experience. There's also a good chance they'll be checking inventory from a mobile device too. 

3) 64% of marketers cite lack of resources and investment as their top barrier to omnichannel marketing (CMO Council)

First websites were expensive, and now you can build your own for next to nothing. Mobile apps are the next frontier of democratized technology. Sandbox Commerce wants to help you build and customize an app for next to nothing. 

4) 87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience. (Zendesk)

Customers notice when you cut corners! They expect to have a fantastic shopping experience; in your store, on your website from their laptop and browsing mobile apps from their phone. Stay ahead of bad reviews and create a fantastic omni-channel shopping experience. 

5) Companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement. (Aberdeen Group)

That should be all the proof you need! Every merchant is trying their best to maximize CLV and retention. If it's a figure you're not happy with - start with improving your omni-channel shopping. 

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Alec Boyd

Written by Alec Boyd